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Friday, August 17, 2007

Double Penetration Only Requires One...

I squeezed and slapped at her ass until her pitch was melodic with pain and pleasure. With her ass tortured red, I reached around for her throat. I pushed her further into the wall and, without word, I punched my cock into her cunt with a relentless savagery. Immediately I began pounding at her, gripping her throat even tighter.

I pulled and tore at her shirt with my other hand, twisting and slapping her erect tit. My fingers occasionally flying up to fuck her begging mouth.

I then reached back for the strap-on, stepped into it and put my cock through the hole below the dildo. As she told me to, I slapped her face and said don't look.

Then I slid both of my cocks into her. I spit on her ass but the dry dildo made her yelp as I began to pound away. I put my whole hand in her mouth, yanking down on her jaw.

After several minutes of hammering away, I threw her to the ground. Once on top of her and straddling her head, I squeezed her ears between my legs, gripped her throat tightly and let a hot jet of come shoot out all over her clothes.
From Secret, by The Provocateur.

I'm not into anal sex, so I didn't know they made such a thing as a double penetration harness. However, I suspect I might need to know...

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