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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

See? I'm Not Weird

I'm not the only one who was less interested in the orange juice than the stunning shoes worn by the lovely Kyra Sedgwick in her Trop50 commercial.

I'd been searching for months, off and on when I remembered. But of course, by the time I found out Kyra's wearing the Maison Martin Margiela Sandal Boots, the shoes were sold out. *sigh*

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Where's Pinkie?

I've been virtually ignoring this blog while Blackie & I have been going through so many changes. With my return to the internet, I've been blogging about our BDSM relationship (and my new duties, including serving others via NiteFlirt) at out new blog,

But this blog will remain -- and continue. It will focus more on our shopping notes & things not (quite as) related to our lifestyle. Stay tunned while I try to update things here.


Saturday, August 04, 2007


I've missed reading on the Internet... And talking to you about it. Look at what Dirty Couple In Virginia had waiting for me, for us...
Before she could recover, the men had turned her over onto all fours and had positioned her at the edge of the bed. She knew what was coming next and that made her more excited. Someone grabbed her big sexy bottom in both hands and positioned them selves behind her. The size of the cock that was inserted inside her dripping twat made Jen scream with delight and soon she was being fucked harder than ever before.

She tried to turn round to see who it was but then her right hand was lifted up and placed round another hard cock and she found it easy to jerk it with the rhythm of being fucked. She lost count of the orgasms before the hands on her bottom tightened and nails dug into her and she felt the owner of that huge cock dump his loads inside her.

As he withdrew a new cock was inserted. If possible it was even bigger than the last one and Jen moaned like a dirty slut as she was fucked from behind again. The owner of the cock she was jerking started reaching under her and feeling her tits. The sight of Jen's sexy naked body being used and the feel of her gorgeous tits must have been too much for him as he shot a load of sticky white cum all over her face and into her hair.

The guy who was fucking her started slapping her ass quite hard, causing Jen to squeal. He then pulled out suddenly and she could feel him cumming all over her bottom. Jen discovered that the only one of the three men who hadn't fucked her was Javier. He was obviously hard again and he turned Jen over so she lay on her back and grabbed her round the middle. His cock was definitely the biggest of the three and he rammed it into her with a force that made her big gorgeous tits wobble.
Blackie and I have had these discussions before, my fantasies of being so used by a group of men. But being the loyal kind-hearted girl that I am, so utterly in love with my Blackie, I cannot imagine such a thing in real life.

Blackie, being the Man that he is, would love the chance to offer me up to whomever he should so choose. He'd love to offer them my pink pussy and encourage them to paddle my ass even pinker. He'd love to see how much I could take, and once that limit was reached, have his turn. In front of an audience he'd show them all I can do, will do, must do, to please him. Sore, exhausted, dizzy with it all, he'd still make me scream & writhe. This way not only he, we, but all there would know he is my true Master.

But we fear the repercussions of going so far.

It's one thing to fantasize, to describe what we envision, but another to know what would happen.

Since I've been gone from this blog, for months, and most of that time we've been living not our own lives but dutiful roles, we've thrived on fantasies and the promise of tomorrow...

Tonight Blackie has called a meeting of sorts, upon his return from yet another business trip. A sort of re-collaring ceremony for the two of us. I know wherever he is right now, flying ever near-er, he knows that I sit squirming and wondering what he has in store for me... This evening as well as our future.

I wish I had
this to celebrate the grand occasion...

The bustle reminds me I'd better hustle -- I have things to do before he arrives!

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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Bobbin' Along

So, last night, I was called into the bedroom, to perform a little of my magic head.

Blackie ordered me to remove my top, and bound my hands behind me with some cuffs. I complained, again, that these were cold & sterile -- that I deserved cuffs of my choosing --


His right hand cracked me on my right butt cheek. I jumped a bit, but decided to play it cool -- as cool as I could, because the slap coming so soon after an order made my cunt twinge...

He unzipped his pants, pulled himself out of his boxers and I saw he was ready for action alright. Without a word he, pointed to the ground, a gesture for me to kneel. I did so as quickly as I could, even opening my mouth to show my willingness to please him.

"You're a hot little slut aren't you... Hot, and ready to work for any gifts I might give you. Now that's a good girl."

He came closer to me and with that step he thrust himself into my mouth. Then he locked his knees, and braced himself -- both from my quick gag reflex & in preparation for me to bob my head up & down his cock. I quickly recovered from the first rough thrust, and began to do my work.

I pulled my head back & forth along his cock, swirling my tongue around the head as I know he likes it. I could tell I was doing well by his soft moans. I could tell it would be quick tonight when his hands reached for my hair -- then grabbing the sides of my head, he forced himself deeper into my mouth.

My eyes began to tear, as they often do with such fast & deep thrusting in my mouth -- Blackie commands me to look up at him. My eyes shine with tears -- not just the gag reflex tears, but tears of happiness because I know I am pleasing him so... My reward was to watch him tip his head back, eyes closed as he forcefully came into my mouth. So happy, so content.

And next, my fun was about to begin! But you'll have to wait -- I'm new at sharing all this, and I'll need a little break before I can begin to tell the next part!

Speaking of 'bobs'...

Memo to self: Must get this Hot Pink Wig.

(No, not for Halloween -- we play all year long!)

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Blackie returns home & finds me here, at the computer. He peers over my shoulder and asks what I've been doing. I show him the blog, and he knits his brows together, tries to frown, but soon is displaying a wicked grin.

"What's this for?" he asks.

"Just a blog."

"I can see that, but what's with all the shopping?" he wryly grins.

"Consider it a shopping guide for you. So you know exactly the gifts I want." Is my smug reply.

"Hmmm. I do spoil you."

"Oh, you know I earn it all. And you know I am worth a helluvalot more than I get."

"Mighty sure of yourself, aren't you, baby?" he says as he stands back a bit.

"I'm going to pout if you keep this up..." I warn him.

"Perhaps you'd better sign off and come remind me what you're so good at" he says in an attempt at a menacing voice (but I can hear the laughter behind it!)

"Maybe I'll stay on a while longer -- so you can punish me" I say in my naughtiest voice.

"Stay on much longer & I recind my offer... which would be such a shame" he says as he turns & head for the beadroom.

And so, I'd better wrap this up!

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