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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Start at The Top...

Ahh, the joy of hot wax play...

I'm a complete sensory slut, and thinking of hot wax dripped on my body, especially my tits -- damn... I get all aroused just thinking about it!

Slaves in Love: Hot Wax Slaves in Love: Nipple Clamps & Hot Wax

I'm such a pain slut -- so no wonder these clips make me so wet! (Yes, they're clips, so click & play!)

Slaves in Love Clip:  She Watches in Anticipation Slave Puts Moustraps on Her Own Labia Clip

And after a bit of foreplay... let's get to some penetration -- anal penetration, that is!

Slaves in Love Candle Play Clip

See how practical a candle is?

Clips from Slaves in Love. (Yummy!)

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